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Comercial Oli Tapiceria

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Everything for your house or flat


Our main focus is the sale and installation of all types of sun protection products: from folding arm awnings to vertical, drop-arm, basket or conservatory awnings to sunshades, carports with textile roofing and pergolas made of wood or aluminium with integrated sliding awnings or rotating slats. In the product segment of technical curtains for interiors, we have many years of experience with roller blinds, venecianas, vertical slat blinds, pleated blinds, folding roller blinds and all other decorative solutions. And since a product can only be as good as its installation, we also take care of all the necessary installation work: from the planning to the installation work.


Everything around your boat

As a windsurfer from the very beginning and with many years of sailing experience in dinghies and beach catamarans, the hobby has developed into a profession. Oli gained his first experience in the textile processing sector during his studies in a sailmaker's workshop, so that at the beginning of Comercial Oli Tapiceria the business area consisted mainly of sailmaking work, which of course is still being carried out now with 25 years of experience. Sail repairs of yacht, dinghy and windsurf sails as well as kites and derivatives and the production of boat tarpaulins, sprayhoods, covers and tarpaulins of all kinds still occupy a large part of the business today.


Everything around the pool

We supply all types of heat protection tarpaulins or covers including the corresponding roll-up devices as well as winter tarpaulins for your pool. We can also offer roller shutter covers, sliding pool halls or air domes specially tailored to your needs.